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Will you please watch the ITMA script a little more closely with regard to dirtf On one or two occasions recently you have been overstepping the bounds. The ' stick it up ' gag last week was a case in point.


Throughout the Second World War the nation may have laughed at Tommy Handley , Mrs Handley 's boy ', and at the other characters of radio's most successful comedy show, but behind the scenes BBC officials agonised over what should and should not be permitted on the air. Gordon Snell tells the extraordinary story based on documents in the BBC Written Archives, together with extracts from the original radio broadcasts. With DOUGLAS BLACKWELL , MARTIN FRIEND, GARARD GREEN, ROGER HAMMOND , GODFREY KENTON. PEGGY PAIGE and EVA STUART


Genome: [r4 Bd=19801005]

Unknown: Tommy Handley

Unknown: Mrs Handley

Unknown: Gordon Snell

Unknown: Douglas Blackwell

Unknown: Roger Hammond

Unknown: Godfrey Kenton.

Unknown: Peggy Paige

Unknown: Eva Stuart

Producer: Alan Haydock