Genome: [r1 Bd=20081005]

With Mistajam.

Genome: [r1 Bd=20081012]
Genome: [r1 Bd=20081019]
Genome: [r1 Bd=20081109]

With MistaJam.

Genome: [r1 Bd=20081123]
Genome: [r1 Bd=20081207]
Genome: [r1 Bd=20081214]
Genome: [r1 Bd=20081221]
Genome: [r1 Bd=20081228]
Genome: [r1 Bd=20090104]
Genome: [r1 Bd=20090111]
Genome: [r1 Bd=20090125]
Genome: [r1 Bd=20090201]
Genome: [r1 Bd=20090208]
Genome: [r1 Bd=20090215]
Genome: [r1 Bd=20090222]

With MistaJam and guest Wiley.

Genome: [r1 Bd=20090301]
Genome: [r1 Bd=20090308]
Genome: [r1 Bd=20090329]
Genome: [r1 Bd=20090412]
Genome: [r1 Bd=20090510]
Genome: [r1 Bd=20090524]
Genome: [r1 Bd=20090607]

With Target.

Genome: [r1 Bd=20090621]

With MistaJam and a mix by Toddla T.

Genome: [r1 Bd=20090621]

Unknown: Toddla T.

Genome: [r1 Bd=20090719]
Genome: [r1 Bd=20090726]
Genome: [r1 Bd=20090802]
Genome: [r1 Bd=20090809]
Genome: [r1 Bd=20090823]
Genome: [r1 Bd=20090920]

With Mista Jam.

Genome: [r1 Bd=20091004]

With Seani

Genome: [r1 Bd=20091018]
Genome: [r1 Bd=20091101]