The J B Priestley Season - The Good Companions


Genome: [r4 Bd=19940912]

dramatised by Elizabeth Proud.

The author's most popular novel in which the Dinky Doos, an ailing theatrical troupe, are discovered by Miss Trant. Left a small legacy, she decides to take up the challenge of managing them. Renamed the Good Companions, their adventures begin.

Composer and pianist Malcolm McKee Musicians Helen Bool and Judd Proctor

Producer Sue Wilson Rpt

Genome: [r4 Bd=19940912]

Dramatised By: Elizabeth Proud.

Pianist: Malcolm McKee

Pianist: Musicians Helen Bool

Pianist: Judd Proctor

Producer: Sue Wilson

Miss Trant: Hannah Gordon

Jess Oakroyd: Bernard Cribbins

Inigo Jolifant: Christopher Scoular

Susie Dean: Ellzabeth Mansfield

Elise: Sunny Ormonde

Mrs Joe: Jill Graham

Jerry Jerringham: John Webb

Joby Jackson: Gareth Armstrong

Jimmy Nunn: John Baddeley

Moreton Mitcham: John Hollis

Joe Brundit: John Harwood

Lady Partlit: Geraldine Fitzgerald

Mr Tarvin: Christopher Scott

Mrs Tipstead: Jillie Meers

Hilary: Richard Pearce

Eric Tipstead: David Bannerman

Fauntley: Philip Anthony

Mr Priestley: Dominic Letts

Rev Chillingworth: John Evitts

Mrs Mounder: Ellzabeth Proud