Jack And Jo's Yo-ho-ho



If the turkey's been eaten, the wrapping's all over the floor and the Queen's finished her broadcast, then congratulations! You've made it this far. And Jack Dee and Jo Brand are here to help with their cheerful guide to surviving the rest of the holidays.

They take a look at the trials, tribulations and the joy of a traditional family Christmas; from opening the children's presents and finding you've no AA batteries, to coping with the unexpected arrival of long-lost relatives. And to make sure you make the most of your Christmas, Jack and Jo have put together a crack team of guests to entertain and inspire you, as you relax in front of the radio with a glass of sherry and a bowl of nuts.

Relationship expert Jeremy Milnes shares light-hearted tips on how to ensure the in-laws, the kids, and the rest of the family don't drive you round the twist; Micky The Magician arrives with a stack of creative fun and games ideas so you don't veg in front of the telly for two weeks solid; and chef Allegra McEvedy has inspirational ways of making sure you're not living on turkey sandwiches till you go back to work!

Jack and Jo will also be playing favourite Radio 2 tracks - from Stevie Wonder, to the Boss, Roxy Music, Bob Dylan and, of course, some festive classics!

Jack Dee and Jo Brand host their cheerful guide to surviving the Christmas holidays.