0101Death And The Maven20180718

A sudden death means Jack and Millie have to choose between good behaviour and cheesecake.

Comedy about an older couple getting to grips with the absurdities of the modern world.

When Film Club Leo dies suddenly, Jack and Millie have to make a choice between good behaviour and cheesecake, in this comedy about an older couple trying to grapple with an elusive name, a missing Bette Midler, a rogue knish and a married lifetime's-worth of verbal sparring.

So Millie's son Melvin has given her a new tablet with a voice recorder?

So suddenly Jack and Millie have decided to record everything that happens to them? And for this, we should be grateful?

Well Yes! Because this is a new comedy show written by Jeremy Front (writer of the Charles Paris mysteries for Radio 4) and starring Jeremy Front and Rebecca Front as Jack and Millie Lemman, an older couple who are fully engaged with contemporary life while being at war with the absurdities of the modern world.

Written by Jeremy Front
Produced by David Tyler

A Pozzitive production for BBC Radio 4.