Jack Nicholson - A Wolf In Wolfs Clothing


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In a rare interview, Jack

Nicholson talks exclusively to Emma Freud about his career, Hollywood and women. In this special hour-long interview with one of the screen's biggest stars - still a sex symbol at 57 - Emma asks him why he thinks he has become the legend he is, about his position in Hollywood, and just why he is the coolest man on earth. He explains why he decided to star in Wolf, a Mike Nichols updating of the werewolf myth, with Michelle Pfeiffer and James Spader.

Producer Alison Vernon-Smith

Emma Freud meets

Jack Nicholson


Genome: [r1 Bd=19940821]

Unknown: Emma Freud

Unknown: Mike Nichols

Unknown: Michelle Pfeiffer

Unknown: James Spader.

Producer: Alison Vernon-Smith

Producer: Emma Freud

Unknown: Jack Nicholson