Metalwork20040130 BT=0530 (BBC7)
Metalwork20040130 (BBC7)

By Michael Mears Michael Mears' latest work is a comedy about the nightmare car journey of Mervyn Ruffle, a YORKshire business man, as he tries to reach LONDON in time for a crucial meeting.

As the stess and tension mounts, Merv is forced to reassess the craziness of his lifestyle.

The multi-voiced Michael Mears plays all the parts and once again shows his sheer versatility in wringing every ounce of comedy and pathos from an all too familiar scenario.

Michael Mears has previously performed his one-man shows in the theatre and for R4.

He has received very favourable reviews for his work at the Edinburgh Festival and has toured them extensively in theatres.

His last play for R4 was Soup.