James Bond - Licence To Kilt [Radio Scotland]


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If you think about Scotland and James Bond you'll inevitably think about Sean Connery but what we want discover in this programme is just how Scottish the character of Bond really is?

JAMES BOND:LICENCE TO KILT is an exploration of 007's Scottish roots. We've assembled a team of experts to delve into Bond's literary birth and explore the life and the characters who inspired his creator, Ian Fleming.

They include biographers, historians, adventurers and even Ian's own nephew Fergus Fleming who has a tale to tell surrounding the retired armourer in Glasgow who went on to inspire Fleming to invent Bond's faithful boffin 'Q'.

You'll hear about the Bond family tree, the so-called 'Connery Effect' on the character and about a legacy, which continues both in print and on screen some 60 years later.

We'll take you on a journey from the Jute mills of Dundee to the high society of Mayfair. From the battlefields of World War II to the sun kissed beaches of Jamaica and from the Hollywood hills all the way back to the Highlands

And we'll answer the question, how Scottish is James Bond?

Actor Robbie Coltrane uncovers the story of James Bond's Scottish roots.