James Follett's Men, Martians And Machines



20091121 (BBC7)
20161126 (BBC7)

Including The Devil to Pay, The Man Who Invented Yesterday and The Bionic Blob.

20091121 (BBC7)
20161126 (BBC7)

Novelist, playwright and screenwriter James Follett is nothing if not prolific - many of his dramas graced BBC Radio's schedules throughout the 1980s and 90s - most notably the Destruction Factor, The Light of a Thousand Suns and Earthsearch.

According to his website, he's one of the few English language authors published in China. Over 25 novels have made him one of the most borrowed authors in British libraries.

Over 3 hours, James introduces some of his own BBC radio highlights:

* The Devil to Pay

A car crash on a hot deserted road. A camper on hand to drag the driver from the wreckage. What's the story? Stars Derek Seaton. From 1979.

* The Man Who Invented Yesterday

Scientist, Sir Max is delighted when his experiments come to fruition. His most recent, however, takes him slightly by surprise... Stars Alan Rowe. From 1979.

* Destruction Factor - episode 1

Can a corporation's new plant strain mutation bring relief to famine stricken countries? Stars Paul Copley and Rosalind Adams. From 1978.

* Earthsearch I

Episode 2/10 First Footprint City

Heading for a home they've never known, the crew of starship Challenger must come to terms with shock news. Stars Sean Arnold. From 1981

Episode 10/10 Earthfall

The crew locate an Earth-like planet, but the Angels are not beaten yet. Stars Sean Arnold, Sonia Fraser and Gordon Reid. From 1981

* Earthsearch II

Episode 1/10 Return

The Challenger crew's settled life on planet 'Paradise' is soon to be shattered. Stars Sean Arnold and Amanda Murray.

* The Bionic Blob

A "thing" from outer space helps a hapless private eye on Earth. Stars Sandra Dickinson and Ed Bishop. From 1979.

Producer: Martin Dempsey

Made for BBC 7 and first broadcast in 2003.