James Follett's The Destruction Factor


01The Seeds Of Creation20100615 (BBC7)

Can a corporation's new plant strain mutation bring relief to famine stricken countries?

02The Devil's Harvest20100616 (BBC7)

As fires erupt - why is Ralph Exon's new plant strain mutation growing so rapidly?

03The Wings Of Azreal20100617 (BBC7)

Inventor Ralph Exon's colleague Max Flinders speculates on the plant strain's potency.

04Birdstrike20100618 (BBC7)

After sparking a plane crash, the deadly Exon plant strain's advancement continues.

05Search And Destroy20100619 (BBC7)

Despite the national emergency, landowners try to profit from the deadly Exon strain.

06World Without Fire

06 LASTWorld Without Fire20100622 (BBC7)

Before American action, the British government must track all the deadly Exon seeds.