The James M Cain Series


01The Postman Always Rings Twice2013113020140927Frank Chambers, a young drifter in 1930s California, stops at a diner and is offered a job. The owner is Nick Papadakis, and his much younger, beautiful wife, Cora. There is immediate sexual chemistry between Frank and Cora, and they begin a passionate affair. Cora is tired of working at the diner, and of her husband, so they decide to murder Nick and start a new life together. The plan is to hit Nick over the head and make it look like he drowned in the bath. But the plan goes wrong, and soon everything starts to unravel. Adapted by Charlotte Greig

A BBC/Cymru Wales production, directed by Kate McAll.

A young drifter falls for the wife of a cafe owner, with devastating consequences.

02Double Indemnity2013120120131207Walter Huff has a good steady job in the insurance business and leads a quiet life. Then he meets and falls in love with Phyllis, an unhappily married woman, enquiring about accident insurance for her husband. They come up with a plan in which Phyllis's husband will die an unlikely death, by falling from a moving train. The 'accidental' nature of his demise will trigger the 'double indemnity' clause of the policy, forcing the insurance company to pay the widow twice the normal amount.

The couple carry out their plan but things soon turn sour. The Insurance Investigator is suspicious, and so are Phyllis's daughter, and her mysterious boyfriend Nino.

Adapted from James M Cain's novel, by Stef Penney

A BBC/Cymru Wales production, directed by Kate McAll.


Walter Huff... Trevor White, Phyllis Nirdlinger... Christy Meyer, Keyes... Mitchell Mullen, Lola... Ashleigh Haddad, Nino... Martin T Sherman.

An insurance man comes up with the perfect murder, or so he thinks.

03The Butterfly2013120820131214When Jess Tyler's two-timing wife left him he stayed on at the farm alone, growing corn and going to Church. Nearly twenty years later, a young woman turns up with a suitcase, and there's an immediate attraction between them. The problem is that the young woman is Jess's daughter, Kady. Or is she? Only the butterfly birthmark can settle the question for good. A tale of revenge, murder and forbidden love, adapted by Adrian Bean.

A BBC/Cymru Wales production, directed by Kate McAll.