Jane Thornton - The Gift


Afternoon Drama20170518 (BBC7)

Pulling out all the stops for adopted Amber's 18th, Dan makes a discovery.

by Jane Thornton.

Stephen Tompkinson stars in an extraordinary story inspired by real events, about how far a father is prepared to go to make his child happy.

When Dan and Lori adopted Amber as a baby, Dan knew he'd never stop loving her. Now he's pulling out all the stops for her 18th birthday. But then he discovers a box of reel-to-reel recordings made by Lori's Dad Charlie which might make him change his mind.

Charlie was a blues man, always on tour either playing or roady-ing. Lori adored her Dad, even though he was away so much when she was a child. Dan thought she'd want to listen to the tapes he made as a record of his life on the road, but she says it would be too painful now that Charlie's dead: Dan should just throw them away. But Dan wants to find some material for his speech for Amber's party so he starts listening to the tapes when Lori's not around. At first it's funny to hear Charlie describing his rock n' roll life - so different from Dan's - then it's addictive. And then he finds out some things he'd rather not know.

Dan...Stephen Tompkinson
Lori...Jacqueline Roberts
Charlie...Dicken Ashworth
Amber...Martha Godber
Young Lori...Sydney Wade

Guitar...Eddie Tatton

Director...Mary Ward-Lowery.