Janice And John In Japan


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Janice Long, with the able assistance of John Peel San , reports direct from Tokyo on the music and lifestyles of young people in Japan and, in the spirit of cultural exchange, reflects the current influence of British bands and fashions there. Producers MIKE HAWKES and STUART GRUNDY

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Genome: [r1 Bd=19861020]

Unknown: John Peel San

Producers: Mike Hawkes

Producers: Stuart Grundy

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Janice and Peely have been out and about again today, and report direct from Tokyo on the differences and sometimes surprising similarities between the Japanese and British lifestyles. There'll be plenty of music too.

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Janice and Peely bring the last of their week's thoughts and reflections direct from Tokyo. What do Pachinko, Sumo and Shinto mean to you? What do they mean to our intrepid twosome?

Perhaps we'll never know.