Jarvis Cocker's Wireless Nights



On the longest night of the year, join Jarvis Cocker on his acclaimed nocturnal journey around the stories of night people.

To kick off, Jarvis boards the red-eye, taking a transatlantic flight of the imagination accompanied by his own musical selections. As Jarvis reaches cruising altitude, he finds himself gripped by the compelling life-and-death stories of a shepherdess in the midst of a very difficult birth; a transplant nurse on late shift; and a priest who performs exorcism.

As the night moves on, Jarvis slips between the shadows to find punks, poets, poker dens and an alcohol-fuelled badger watch. He eavesdrops on a series of nocturnal dreams and dramas before taking to the streets to peer through stained windows, cold steel bars and Japanese paper screens, to find out just what goes on behind closed doors at night time.

He then weaves his way in and out of the lives of night riders who are always on the move. He joins a private investigator in Nottingham on a car chase, and a stake out on the trail of a man suspected to be having an affair.

He also finds a minicab driver lost in the Mersey fog between fares, haunted by an eerie bell; and is encircled by street skaters who spin around the neon-lit West End, and dark car parks seeking thrills on wheels.

This series first broadcast on Radio 4, and repeated in its entirety, with additional nocturnal music and musings from Jarvis.