Psychological thriller from the co-creator of Life On Mars, Matthew Graham.

One of Britain's finest TV writers comes to Radio 4 with a taut psychological thriller that can only be told in sound.

While at university, Meggie lost her sight in an acid attack. Fifteen years later, through grit and tenacity, she has learned to cope with her "dark gift", making a success of her life as an audiobook director. Now, an invitation to join her old college friends at a country cottage offers a chance to mend some broken bridges. But it is not long before the shadows of her past begin to re-emerge.

Jayne Lake is a chilling look at the tests of friendship and the altered perception caused by time and changing circumstance. Told from the perspective of a blind person, the play follows Meggie's terror and confusion as she strains to understand a series of shocking events and the silences in between.

Featuring a debut performance from comedian Georgie Morrell, who lost her own sight in her early twenties.

The writer, Matthew Graham, is the co-creator of Life On Mars and Ashes To Ashes. He has also written for, among other things, Spooks, This Life and Doctor Who.

Writer - Matthew Graham

Music and Sound Design - Steve Bond
Director - Kate Rowland
Producer - Russell Finch
Executive Producer - Jeremy Mortimer

A Somethin' Else production for BBC Radio 4.