Jess Davies Digital Detox [Radio Wales]


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With her 151,000 followers on Instagram and 144,000 followers on Twitter, it's safe to say that Aberystwyth glamour model, turned social media influencer, Jess Davies spends her life on her phone.

In fact, she's addicted to it.

She's constantly checking, scrolling, posting and tweeting. Like millions of other social media users, Jess is an internet junkie on the iTreadmill that never stops and can never be satisfied. But does it make her happy? Jess can't answer because she doesn't know what a world without her iHabit looks like.

We show her.

In this programme she’s about to break the habit and detox from the internet. For a whole week, Jess has no internet access; and during this life in the iDoldrums, she meets other people with critical iHabits to explore the real world without any input from the virtual world.

Can she do it? WE follow her through her digital detox.

Model and social media influencer Jess Davies breaks the habit to start a digital detox.