The Jewish Journey - 1,000 Years Of Jewish Life In Britain

Andrew Sachs explores the extraordinary story of British Jews.


01The Jews Of Medieval England2001020820020407

Sachs journeys back to the time when William the Conqueror brought Jews from Rouen to help revive English trade.

Great Jewish centres arose, but Church-inspired anxieties led to oppression and, finally, expulsion.

Andrew Sachs explores the history of British Jews.

1: `The Jews of Medieval England'.

02The Secret Jews Of Tudor England2001021520020414

How Spanish Jews, pretending to be Christians, came to London and Bristol in the 16th century, setting up secret synagogues.

Not until the Interregnum were the Jews officially welcomed back, with Cromwell hoping that their presence would speed the Messiah's coming and boost trade.

03How The Jews Became Englishmen2001022220020421

How, once Cromwell had reopened England to Jews in the 17th century, they steadily arrived from all over Europe, fleeing oppression in their homelands for the relative, fragile tolerance of Britain.

04 LASTThe East End Years2001030120020428

With the mass migration of Jews from Eastern Europe at the turn of the 20th century, the East End of London became a centre of Jewish cultural life. Sachs meets people who grew up there: Anna Tzelniker, star of Yiddish theatre, Bill Fishman, chronicler of East End life, and novelist Howard Jacobson.