Hattie Naylor's drama is a contemporary reworking a first century AD text by Josephus, and is played by a mixture of actors and real news reporters.

It tells the story of the bitter war between the Jews and the Romans, which Josephus witnessed, including one of the most shocking events of his time, the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple.

Eleazar and a band of rebel Jews have taken refuge in the hilltop fortress of Masada.

But the Roman army's superior hardware proves more than a match for their defences.

Will the rebels surrender? Rachel....Valerie Jones Miriamme....Shireen Shah Julia, the producer....Dee Sadler Traffic....Nicola Smythe.

Mat, the presenter....Peter Jefferson Studio manager....Jamie Ballard Eleazar....Mark Meadows Jonathan, reporter....Rupert Ward-Lewis Marcus, reporter....Brian Gear Vespasian....Paul Nicholson Commander....John Telfer.