0120111129 (BBC7)
20111130 (BBC7)

Following their mother's funeral, Joyce and Stan unearth some dodgy family secrets.

Stars Dora Bryan and Bernard Cribbins.

0220111130 (BBC7)
20111201 (BBC7)

After their mother's funeral, the return of a missing brother stirs up big trouble.

Stars Roy Barraclough and Bernard Cribbins.

0320111201 (BBC7)
20111202 (BBC7)

Dark family secrets and a severe case of sibling rivalry lead to murder.

Stars Bernard Cribbins and Roy Barraclough.

0420111202 (BBC7)
20111203 (BBC7)

A struggling music hall duo try to make a decent fist of a cruise ship booking.

Stars Bernard Cribbins and Roy Barraclough.