Jimmy Osmond On Branson Missouri


20180103Jimmy Osmond first visited Branson, Missouri to appear at Andy Williams' "Moon River" Theatre, and he and his brothers fell in love with the place so much so that he ended up buying the theatre from Andy. Now, Branson isn't a pickle used in a cheese sandwich it's a very busy theatre town in the middle of America and is a real jewel in the crown of their tourist industry, set in the Ozark Mountains, the views are breathtaking. You could stay a month and see a different show 3 times daily and the American news show "60 Minutes" dubbed it the Live Music Capital Of The World, it boasts ten thousand more theatre seats than the whole of Broadway and hosts the longest-running outdoor drama in the world. Jimmy will talk to its local luminaries and some of the stars who have appeared there including, Ray Stevens, Paul Anka and Bill Medley, when Britain meets Branson.

Britain meets Branson, as Jimmy Osmond takes us on a tour of a place he calls home.