Joanna Trollope - Next Of Kin


0120080414 (BBC7)
20130422 (BBC7)

A farming community must cope with the death of wife and mother Caro Meredith. Robin Ellis reads Joanna Trollope's story.

0220080415 (BBC7)
20130423 (BBC7)

How did American Caro Bliss come to settle in a close farming community in England? Read by Robin Ellis.

0320080416 (BBC7)
20130424 (BBC7)

Grieving for her mother Caro, daughter Judy Meredith prepares to visit her father. Read by Robin Ellis.

0420080417 (BBC7)
20130425 (BBC7)

Lyndsay struggles with her husband's depression over the death of Caro Meredith. Read by Robin Ellis.

0520080418 (BBC7)
20130426 (BBC7)

As they struggle with the death of Caro Meredith, further tragedy strikes in the farming community. Read by Robin Ellis.

0620080421 (BBC7)
20130429 (BBC7)

Tragedy strikes again, with the farming community shocked at the death of Joe Meredith by suicide. Read by Robin Ellis.

0720080422 (BBC7)
20130430 (BBC7)

After news of Joe's tragic death, the Meredith family are in turmoil and in need of comfort. Read by Robin Ellis.

0820080423 (BBC7)
20130501 (BBC7)

In the aftermath of a further death on the farm, Zoe continues flirting with her friend's father Robin. Read by Robin Ellis.

0920080424 (BBC7)
20130502 (BBC7)

Zoe's relationship with her flatmate's father Robin causes disruption in the local farming community. Read by Robin Ellis.

10 LAST20080425 (BBC7)
20130503 (BBC7)

How will the lives in the farming community touched by tragedy resolve themselves? Concluded by Robin Ellis.