John Banville - The Sea


0120140407 (BBC7)

4 Extra Debut. After a recent loss, art historian Max Morden escapes to the seaside of his childhood to confront a trauma. Read by Jim Norton.

0220140408 (BBC7)

Trying to cope with bereavement, Max retreats into memories of a childhood crush on an older woman. Read by Jim Norton.

0320140409 (BBC7)

Recently bereaved Max struggles with memories of his childhood crushes and lost loves. Read by Jim Norton.

0420140410 (BBC7)

Recently bereaved Max plunges into memories of his childhood romance with the quixotic Chloe. Read by Jim Norton.

05 LAST20140411 (BBC7)

Can Max come to terms with recent bereavement when he is still haunted by a tragic loss in his childhood? Read by Jim Norton.