John Berger - Ways Of Listening



An evening of programmes celebrating the life of writer, artist and thinker John Berger.

Novelist, art critic, TV presenter, philosopher.. it's impossible to capture John Berger's rich and multifarious output in a single word. In the company of actor Simon McBurney, biographer Tom Overton, arts activist Gareth Evans, writer and friend Jay Griffiths, and others, Radio 3 will spend the evening looking back over Berger's career, celebrating and explaining his ideas whilst also remembering the man. Along the way there will be treasures from the archive of Berger's long association with Radio and TV including his seminal series Ways of Seeing, editions of Between the Ears and a dramatisation of his novel, To The Wedding. Plus the man himself in various interviews from the last 40 years. If you know Berger well there will be much to enjoy and if you don't know Berger at all you will be drawn into the ideas, politics and personality of this most distinctive and fertile intellectual figure. Sarah Dillon Presents. Producer: Tim Dee.