John Boyne - The House Of Special Purpose


0120110523 (BBC7)
20121126 (BBC7)

Visiting his wife in hospital, Georgy Jachmenev recalls early life in Imperial Russia. David Warner reads John Boyne's novel.

0220110524 (BBC7)
20121127 (BBC7)

Georgy recalls his position in St Petersburg as companion to the Tsar's son, Alexei. Read by David Warner.

0320110525 (BBC7)
20121128 (BBC7)

Royal household newcomer Georgy takes a train with the Tsarevich to army headquarters. Read by David Warner.

0420110526 (BBC7)
20121129 (BBC7)

Painful memories for Georgy over Zoya's betrayal and Alexei's accident while in his care. Read by David Warner.

0520110527 (BBC7)
20121130 (BBC7)

In wartime London, an intelligence agency recruits Georgy to translate Russian documents. David Warner reads John Boyne's novel.

0620110530 (BBC7)
20121203 (BBC7)

Georgy takes to his new role in the library, but is his work strictly bibliographical? David Warner reads John Boyne's novel.

0720110531 (BBC7)
20121204 (BBC7)

Fear blights Georgy's mind, recounting a dread of Rasputin's betrayal and panic of almost losing his wife. Read by David Warner.

0820110601 (BBC7)
20121205 (BBC7)

Past and present, tradition and revolution, all collide. Fugitive Georgy flees time and again. Read by David Warner. Episode 8 of 10.

0920110602 (BBC7)
20121206 (BBC7)

On the run, Georgy tracks the Imperial Royal Family, and Anastasia, to a house in Yekaterinburg. Read by David Warner.

10 LAST20110603 (BBC7)
20121207 (BBC7)

Recalling the Russian Imperial Family's fate, Georgy faces another loss - that of his beloved wife. Concluded by David Warner.