John Mccarthy Talks To Rachel Denton


2013012920160802 (R4)John McCarthy talks to hermit Rachel Denton about her decision to live alone.

John McCarthy takes over the One to One chair to talk to people who feel themselves to be outside the mainstream; today he talks to hermit, Rachel Denton.

Talking about the series, John says, "I hope to talk to people who are living on the 'outside' of mainstream UK society. On the street they would look like anyone else but in fact they are somehow apart. I have experienced being an 'outsider' myself; on my return from captivity in Lebanon, when I'd look like any other Londoner, but would feel utterly self-conscious and confused by the world around me. I've had similar feelings following the deaths of close family members. One experience was very rare, the other universal.

I want to explore the idea of being an outsider; having conversations with others who will have walked those same private/public paths either through choice or because of circumstances beyond their control.

So what is it like being on the 'outside'? How do you cope with loneliness and feelings of being excluded? What are the attractions of removing yourself from society? What are the practicalities of such a life? How do you keep strong and maintain your hopes of coming in from the cold; or of not giving in and renouncing your solitary way?

Producer: Lucy Lunt.