John Milton's Paradise Lost


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20100330 (BBC7)

Exasperated in Hell, fallen angel Satan bitterly plots against God in Heaven.


0220100330 BT=2100 (BBC7)
20100331 (BBC7)

Fallen angel Satan awakens in Hell and summons up his legions.


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20100401 (BBC7)

Satan summons his forces to build the mighty palace of pandemonium. Stars Denis Quilley.


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Satan asks his lieutenants whether a war with God should be in the open or in secret.


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20100403 (BBC7)

The fallen angels debate war with Heaven, but the devil Belial advises caution.


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Satan journeys to the new world where God's new creation is purported to live.


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Satan flies to Hell's gate, where he encounters his daughter Sin and his son Death.


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20100408 (BBC7)

Satan passes through the gulf between Hell and Heaven - and approaches the new world.


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20100409 (BBC7)

The blind poet praises light - and God reveals his purposes to his beloved son.

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20100410 (BBC7)

The Son of God offers to redeem mankind - and Satan eavesdrops on Adam and Eve.

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20100413 (BBC7)

Satan disguises himself as an angel to trick his way into God's new world.

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20100414 (BBC7)

Adopting another disguise, Satan hides himself on The Tree of Life in The Garden of Eden.

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20100415 (BBC7)

Satan spies Adam and Eve for the first time and eavesdrops as they talk.

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20100416 (BBC7)

The Angel Gabriel warns Uriel that an evil spirit has entered Paradise.

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20100417 (BBC7)

As Adam and Eve rest unaware, their guardian angels apprehend Satan.

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20100420 (BBC7)

In the Garden of Eden, Eve describes her disturbing dream to Adam. With Denis Quilley.

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20100421 (BBC7)

Adam and Eve prepare for the arrival of archangel Raphael in the Garden of Eden.

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20100422 (BBC7)

Archangel Raphael explains to Adam and Eve how Satan fomented rebellion among the angels.

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20100423 (BBC7)

Archangel Raphael describes how Michael and Gabriel were sent to battle against Satan.

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20100424 (BBC7)

In the tale of evil Satan and his rebellion against God, archangel Michael does battle.

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20100427 (BBC7)

God sends his Son to drive the rebellious angels out of Heaven.

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20100428 (BBC7)

Raphael explains God's intentions in his creation of the World.

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20100429 (BBC7)

God begins his creation of the World and its many creatures.

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20100430 (BBC7)

Raphael describes more about God's creation of the World. Stars Godfrey Kenton.

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20100501 (BBC7)

Raphael answers Adam's questions about the Solar System. Stars Linus Roache and John Rowe.

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20100504 (BBC7)

Raphael welcomes Adam's offer to tell his own story. Starring Linus Roache and John Rowe.

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20100505 (BBC7)

Adam explains how Eve was created to Raphael and discusses the nature of love.

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20100506 (BBC7)

Satan returns to the Garden of Eden and enters the body of the sleeping serpent.

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20100507 (BBC7)

Eve persuades Adam to allow her to work alone and - as The Serpent - Satan makes contact.

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20100508 (BBC7)

The Serpent tempts Eve to taste the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

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20100511 (BBC7)

Eve persuades Adam to taste the Forbidden Fruit.

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20100512 (BBC7)

God sends his Son to judge Adam and Eve, after they partake of the Forbidden Fruit.

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20100513 (BBC7)

Sin and Death create the path leading from Hell to Earth.

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20100514 (BBC7)

Sin and Death scheme and the devils, turned to serpents, taste the fruits of disobedience.

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20100515 (BBC7)

Adam urges Eve to seek peace with God through repentance. Stars Linus Roache.

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20100518 (BBC7)

God decrees that Adam and Eve must leave the Garden of Paradise.

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20100519 (BBC7)

Adam is taken to the top of a hill, to be shown the future for his descendants.

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20100520 (BBC7)

Archangel Michael tells Adam about the events that will lead to The Flood.

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20100521 (BBC7)

Archangel Michael tells Adam that Moses will lead the Children of Israel out of Egypt.

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20100522 (BBC7)

Archangel Michael tells Adam about the reign of King David and the birth of Christ.


41 LAST20100524 (BBC7)
20100525 (BBC7)
20100530 (BBC7)

Archangel Michael comforts Adam and leads him, together with Eve, out of Paradise.

Stars Mark Straker and Federay Holmes.