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...british Trials. The Case Of The Dandelion Killer20060113 BT=0900 (BBC7)
20060113 BT=2000 (BBC7)
20060114 (BBC7)

The dramatic murder trial of solicitor Herbert Armstrong - accused of murdering his wife by poisoning her.

...british Trials. The Case Of The Deadly Nightcap20060110 BT=0900 (BBC7)
20060110 BT=2000 (BBC7)
20060111 (BBC7)

Glasgow society is shaken when the demure and beautiful Madeleine Smith is accused of the murder of her lover.

...british Trials. The Case Of The Fire In Room 6620060109 BT=0900 (BBC7)
20060109 BT=2000 (BBC7)
20060110 (BBC7)

A dramatic re-enactment of the murder trial of Sydney Fox.

...british Trials. The Case Of The Villa Madeira20060116 BT=0900 (BBC7)
20060116 BT=2000 (BBC7)
20060117 (BBC7)

Did a young wife kill her older husband whilst conducting an affair behind his back? It's a far from clear cut case.