John Mortimer Presents The Trials


01 OF 5.... Of Marshall Hall. The Black Trunk20050414 BT=1030 (BBC7)
20050414 BT=2130 (BBC7)
20050415 BT=0230 (BBC7)

Tom Baker stars as Britain's most celebrated criminal barrister, Sir Edward Marshall Hall, in his first case. Episode 1 of 5.

02... Of Marshall Hall. The Camden Town Murder20050415 BT=1030 (BBC7)
20050415 BT=2130 (BBC7)
20050416 BT=0230 (BBC7)

Did Bob Wood slit the throat of Emily Dimmock? Sir Edward Marshall Hall sets out to prove Bob's innocence. Episode 2 of 5.

03... Of Marshall Hall. A Hint Of Arsenic20050418 BT=1030 (BBC7)
20050418 BT=2130 (BBC7)
20050419 BT=0230 (BBC7)

The barrister is determined to prove Harold Greenwood innocent of parricide. Tom Baker stars. Episode 3 of 5.

04... Of Marshall Hall. A Death At Christmas20050419 BT=1030 (BBC7)
20050419 BT=2130 (BBC7)
20050420 BT=0230 (BBC7)

Frederick Rothwell Holt is charged with murdering his lover, Kitty. But is he responsible for his actions? Episode 4 of 5.

05... Of Marshall Hall. The Case Of The Green Bicycle20050420 BT=1030 (BBC7)
20050420 BT=2130 (BBC7)
20050421 BT=0230 (BBC7)

Was Ronald the shooter on the grassy verge? The feted barrister sets out to prove his innocence. Episode 5 of 5.