John Mortimer Presents The Trials Of Marshall Hall

Tom Baker stars as Britain's most celebrated criminal barrister - Sir Edward Marshall Hall.

True stories of crime and trial in a bygone age introduced by John Mortimer.

Starring Tom Baker.


0101The Black Trunk1996111920050414 BT=1030 (BBC7)
20050414 BT=2130 (BBC7)
20050415 (BBC7)
20060203 (BBC7)
20060204 (BBC7)
20070312 BT=2030 (BBC7)
20070312 (BBC7)
20070313 BT=0130 (BBC7)
20070313 (BBC7)

Tom Baker is Britain's celebrated criminal barrister, Sir Edward Marshall Hall, in his first case, fought in 1894.

0102The Camden Town Murder1996112620050415 BT=1030 (BBC7)
20050415 BT=2130 (BBC7)
20050416 (BBC7)
20060206 (BBC7)
20060207 (BBC7)
20070313 BT=2030 (BBC7)
20070313 (BBC7)
20070314 BT=0130 (BBC7)
20070314 (BBC7)

Did Bob Wood slit Emily Dimmock's throat? Sir Edward Marshall Hall tries to prove Bob's innocence.

0103A Hint Of Arsenic1996120320050418 BT=1030 (BBC7)
20050418 BT=2130 (BBC7)
20050419 (BBC7)
20060207 (BBC7)
20060208 (BBC7)
20070314 BT=2030 (BBC7)
20070314 (BBC7)
20070315 BT=0130 (BBC7)
20070315 (BBC7)

The barrister is determined to prove Harold Greenwood innocent of parricide.

0104A Death At Christmas1996121020050419 BT=1030 (BBC7)
20050419 BT=2130 (BBC7)
20050420 (BBC7)
20060208 (BBC7)
20060209 (BBC7)
20070315 BT=2030 (BBC7)
20070315 (BBC7)
20070316 BT=0130 (BBC7)
20070316 (BBC7)

Ex-soldier Frederick Rothwell Holt is charged with murdering his lover.

But is he responsible for his actions?

Troubled ex-soldier Frederick Rothwell Holt is charged with murdering his lover, Kitty.

Frederick Rothwell Holt is charged with murdering his lover, Kitty.

0105 LASTThe Case Of The Green Bicycle1996121720050420 (BBC7)
20050421 (BBC7)
20060209 (BBC7)
20060210 (BBC7)
20070316 (BBC7)
20070317 (BBC7)

Did Ronald Light shoot a woman cyclist dead?

Tom Baker stars.

The feted barrister sets out to prove his innocence.

Was Ronald the shooter on the grassy verge?