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'! may be that the current "Mod" revival. which has caused an appreciable number of concerned young persons to aSect parkas, ride scooters and pretend to remember The Who and the Smali Faces, is already past its peak. However, it has been no tess welcome than the Punk upheaval of three years ago, being. as far as one can teU, a (jenuineiy spontaneous reaction against the increasing joylessness and " artiness " of post-Punk music. To the casual passer-by what counts, as always, is the music and the best of this comes from The Chords and from Secret Affair, both of whom are featured in tonight s programme. The Chordsturnin four thunderous tracks which would have drawn whisties of admiration from Who fans a decade ago and Secret Affair's contribution is highlighted by a stirring reading of The Miracles's classic "Going toaGo-Go".'

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including Appliance in session.

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Featuring an eclectic mix of ground-breakers, obscure classics and session tracks.