Genome: [r4 Bd=19681223]

by Ian Rodger

This is the first of two plays concerned with dissent and revolt. Set in England between 1377 and 1381 it infers parallels with the England of today. with John Baddeley , David Brierley Wilfrid Carter , Antony Viccars


Produced by JOHN TYDEMAN

Colin Douglas is in Close the Coalhouse Door ' at the Fortune Theatre. London

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' The Great Society ' by Ian Rodger : Monday, January 6

Genome: [r4 Bd=19681223]

Unknown: Ian Rodger

Unknown: John Baddeley

Unknown: David Brierley

Unknown: Wilfrid Carter

Unknown: Antony Viccars

Produced By: John Tydeman

Produced By: Colin Douglas

John Wyclif: Colin Douglas

Richard II: David Spenser

Princess Joan, the Maid of Kent: Mary Wimbush

Sudbury, Archbishop of Canterbury: Denys Blakelock

John of Gaunt: Ralph Truman

Courtenay, Bishop of London: Rolf Lefebvre

Earl of March: Lockwood West

John Ball, a priest: Clive Swift

Don: Victor Lucas

Student: Michael Spica

Chancellor of Oxford University: Peter Pratt

Clifford: Peter Baldwin

Vice-Chancellor: Frederick Treves