John Wyndham - Trouble With Lichen


0120171003 (BBC7)

Stumbling on a discovery, a biochemist must battle to ensure that it benefits humanity.

Biochemist Diana Brackley has stumbled across something earth-shattering - but why does no-one want to know?

The scientific world, government, media and the beauty salon are set to collide...

Read by Joanna Tope.

John Wyndham's 1960 sci-fi novel abridged by Scott Stainton Miller.

Producer: Eilidh McCreadie

Made for BBC Radio 7 by BBC Scotland and first broadcast in 2007.

0220171004 (BBC7)

Diana secretly begins her own investigation into the mysterious properties of the lichen.

0320171005 (BBC7)

Diana's compensation payout catches the attention of Fleet Street.

0420171006 (BBC7)

Biochemist Diana Brackley's attempts to conceal the source of the antigerone are overcome.

0520171009 (BBC7)

The secret of long life is out, but Diana must face the media alone.