Jonathan Edwards Looks Into...




1/3. Have you ever been on a motorway and the traffic grinds to a halt for no obvious reason? It's maddening when it happens, but if we could only see the wider picture, we might then realise that individual drivers are part of a larger mass that behaves according to complex physical laws.

Jonathan Edwards sets out to discover the physical laws that govern traffic flow.



2/3. Jonathan Edwards looks into memory. Jonathan has always found it easier to remember numbers than names. Was this something he was born with, or has it come about through practice? Or is it a bit of both?

Jonathan's astounding triple jump in 1995 owed a lot to the precision of his run-up. Looking back, he wonders if there's any connection between a mathematical brain and his athletic success. Jonathan discusses this with sports psychologists, but will they be able to give him any definitive answers?