The Journalistic Adventures Of An American Girl In London


0101Liberty And Innocence20030630By E L Banks Adapted by Stephanie Norgate from two autobiographical books by Elizabeth l. Banks about her life as an undercover female journalist in Victorian London. Frustrated by her treatment by the Editor on the Daily Hustler, the premier newspaper of the deep South, female journalist Lizzie decides to take her expertise to London. She determines to seek work in London. Fascinated by the lot of the domestic servant she decides to disguise herself as a housemaid and seek employment. She undergoes a series of unsuccessful interviews - she is too short, she has a fringe - before placing her own advertisement. She sifts through marriage proposals and underpaid drudge work and finally lands a job with Mrs. Allison, a leading light in the cause for 'fallen women'.
0102In Cap And Apron20030701Lizzie experiences life as a housemaid. She is subjected to long days and a seemingly endless list of tasks from Mrs Allison. The son is too familiar, and Mrs Allison is selfish and demanding. After an unfortunate incident involving large quantities of water Lizzie gets herself sacked. She has plenty of material, however, for her article, which she writes before moving on to Mrs. Brownlow's.
0103At Mrs Brownlow's20030702By Elizabeth E Banks The Brownlows find themselves on the brink of bankruptcy and on a flight to Australia. At home, they are entirely ruled by the horrific kitchen occupants the cook and the kitchen maid Aggie, who open their employers letters, feed their relatives in the kitchen and smash valuables without owning up. Mr Brownlow engages her to keep his creditors at bay by ignoring the doorbell. Aggie and the cook accuse her of spying on them. Finally Lizzie's cover is almost blown when a fellow journalist pitches up at a soiree. Lizzie has to leave quickly and write her article before she herself is scooped.
0104The Price Of A Pedigree20030703Lizzie chances upon a job lot of portraits in a junk shop and these become, on her walls, her noble ancestors. She advertises herself as an American heiress of humble background who wishes to be introduced at Court. Many offers come in, with hefty price tags, including an offer of marriage to the heavily mortgaged Lord Plumbmouth. Her revelations reach even Queen Victoria and the rules are changed for Americans being introduced at Court.
0105Crossing Sweeper20030704By EL Banks, dramatised by Stephanie Norgate 5. Crossing Sweeper Lizzie disguises herself as a crossing sweeper after hearing at a party that some crossing sweepers invent hard luck stories while really having substantial manor houses in the country. She almost engages in a disastrous piece about the Salvation Army before the success of her book finally hits home and she returns to New York with an impressive reputation going before her.