Journeys And Migrations

Journeys and Migrations: Stories from the Belfast Festival

Tony Hawks introduces a week of short stories on the theme of Journeys and Migrations by five renowned Irish writers, recorded live at this year's Belfast Festival at Queen's.

For the third year running, BBC Northern Ireland Radio Drama is returning to the Belfast Festival at Queen's with five new short stories for Radio 4.

Taking the theme of this year's Festival - 'Journeys and Migrations' - as their inspiration, Clare Boylan, Gretta Mulrooney, Colin Bateman, Anne Dunlop and Arthur Mathews bring us a varied collection of light-hearted and imaginative stories.

Ranging from a final fling on a singles holiday, to a train journey to find Ireland's greatest eejit, and with characters as entertaining and eccentric as any in Irish Literature brought to life by five talented readers, this week brings together some of the best and most exciting voices in Ireland today.


AR01Singles20041108By Clare Boylan

Read by Lynda Bellingham

Connie goes abroad on a 'singles' holiday for a last fling and finds herself sharing a room with a nun.

As her plans go awry, she is forced into an unlikely companionship with the other woman, and realises that she just wanted an opportunity to do once more the one thing in her life that she did really well.

With Sister Agnes, Connie finally discovers the kind of relationship that gives her life some meaning.

Introduced by Tony Hawks


Introduced by Tony Hawks"

AR02The Old Master20041109By Gretta Mulrooney

Underpaid, underfed, and far from his native Tralee, Arthur Maguire enters the lives of a London-based Irish family as part of an Exiles from Erin campaign.

Their weekly routine and longstanding family traditions begin to alter to accommodate their 'exile', but when the mother goes on a new diet and starts reading beauty magazines, father and son decide something must be done.

AR03The Prize20041110By Colin Bateman.

From the blank walls of a prison cell to the blank walls of an art gallery - a Northern Irish ex-con goes on a journey of artistic self discovery via the circuitous route of West Belfast Turf Accountants to leafy residential suburbs.

He finally gets the recognition he feels he deserves by bringing his own unique brand of persuasion to the great and good of the art world.

AR04Pigs Might Fly20041111By Anne Dunlop

Lucy Streaghorn is bored with her life and career in rural Northern Ireland.

She longs for a new challenge and is overjoyed when she receives a job offer to escape and travel the world - an offer that could change her life forever!

Read by Tara Lynne O'Neill.

AR05 LASTMr Bermingham's Journey20041112By Arthur Mathews

Mr Bermingham, member of the Irish Society for the Preservation of Eejits, is on his way to Limerick, following up reports that a genuine specimen of the 'Classic' Irish eejit is currently residing in the vicinity.

An encounter on the train, however, leads to a most exciting - and rather unnerving - discovery.

Read by Niall Buggy.

"By Arthur Mathews

Read by Niall Buggy."