01Cheesecake For The Mind20210117Music resonates, creates community and connects us to ourselves and others. It also transports us.

In this three part series Nemone combines her roles of 6 Music DJ and integrative psychotherapist to take us on a journey to find out how music really affects us.

From loud industrial sounds to the whisper of A.S.M.R. (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response)…What effect do certain kinds of music have on people’s mood and well-being?

Taking psychologist Steven Pinker’s description as music being “cheesecake for the mind” as her starting point Nemone gains insights from Dr Daniel Levitin and Dr Victoria Williamson, both specialists in the study of how music is processed by our brains and the ways in which it impacts our behaviour. Nemone also hears from musicians who write, arrange, record and perform the songs that fire up our synapses, move our bodies, and stimulate our souls.

Nemone looks at the link between music and our minds.

02Body Movin'20210124From our mother’s beating heart in the womb to the ‘four to the floor’ beats of the dance-floor and the cocoon of a crowd at a sweaty gig or festival, humans have been enveloped by and experienced the joy of moving to rhythmic sound all their lives.

Music genres aren’t so ‘tribal’ these days but during lockdown radio proved that we still value shared experiences, whether it’s the All Day Raves on BBC 6 Music, the Sing-Alongs, or the many live music events that have been streamed online during the global pandemic. Despite not being physically in the same space, through this period of increased stress, uncertainty and danger we have found ways to connect through a shared love of music, without having to be in the same room.

When dancing as part of a crowd in a club or jumping up and down together in time to music in a festival field do our brains process music differently? Which pathways are fired up in the brain, making us want to dance? And what is it like for musicians or DJs to be in charge of such movement on a mass scale? How does nostalgic music stimulate our minds’ muscle memory? Award winning neuroscientist and musician Dr Daniel Levitin and music psychologist Dr Victoria Williamson, who both specialise in how music is processed by the brain, and the ways in which it impacts behaviour, explain what’s going on in our minds while we engage in joyful shared musical experiences.

Nemone looks at the link between music and our minds\u2026and how music literally moves us.

03Satisfy My Soul20210131From meditation, lullabies and gong baths to love songs, break up ballads and ambient beats, Nemone looks at the link between music and our minds and how it can touch our soul and elevate our emotional state.

Nemone talks to electronic musicians Jon Hopkins and Tom Middleton about how they make and experience music in a ‘mindful’ way.

Tom who is best known for 1994’s ambient masterpiece ‘76:14’ as Global Communication and now works as a psychoacoustic sound designer and sleep coach. Jon who is best known for his stunning soundscape albums ‘Insides’, ‘Immunity’ and ‘Singularity’ is guided by the practice of autogenic training and transcendental meditation, of which he says, "For me, it's not about relaxing. It can get music flowing in a way that's really uninhibited, and I want to spend as much time in that place as possible."

Nemone also talks to Jill Purce from The Healing Voice who explains how she uses sound to enable other states of being. But is it all in the mind? Dr Dan Levitan and Dr Victoria Williamson are on hand to share their insights too.

Nemone looks at the link between music and our minds\u2026and how it touches our soul.