Judith Weir - Telling The Tale


20080119The Art of Chamber Music

This afternoon's concert by the Schubert Ensemble concludes with works including Weir's What Sound Will Chase Elephants Away? Plus music from David Knotts and Piers Hellawell.

Knotts: On Such a Night As This

Weir: What Sound Will Chase Elephants Away?; The Art of Touching the Keyboard

Piers Hellawell: Weaver of Grass.

Live from LSO St Luke's, London, Tom Service presents a chamber concert as part of a weekend dedicated to the music of leading British composer Judith Weir. The performers, The Schubert Ensemble, have transformed the British chamber music landscape by commissioning around 40 works - including several in this concert.

Martin Butler: American Rounds

Weir: Music for 247 strings; Arise, arise, you slumbering sleepers; Piano Quartet (2000)

Judith Kleinman (double bass)

The Schubert Ensemble:

Simon Blendis (violin)

Douglas Paterson (viola)

Jane Salmon (cello)

Peter Buckoke (double bass)

William Howard (piano)

20080120Woman. Life. Song

From LSO St Luke's, London, Tom Service presents a concert given by students at the Guildhall School conducted by Andre de Ridder. Weir's Piano Concerto fills the space between chamber music and bravura-filled spectacle.

An intimate work, it has an English folksong, The Sweet Primroses, at the heart of the slow movement.

American soprano Jessye Norman commissioned poems from Maya Angelou, Clarissa Pinkola Estes and Toni Morrison specifically for Weir's song-cycle, which traces a woman's life from infancy to old age - with much humour along the way

Edward Pick (piano)

Rowan Hellier (mezzo-soprano)

Guildhall Chamber Orchestra

Andre de Ridder (conductor)

Weir: Piano Concerto (woman.life.song).

Songs and Tales

This afternoon's concert by Susan Bickley (mezzo-soprano), Andrew Kennedy (tenor) and Iain Burnside (piano) concludes with Weir's Standchen, The Voice of Desire and Ox Mountain was covered with trees as well as music by Howells, Britten and Haydn Wood.

Weir: Standchen

Howells: King David

Britten: Proud songsters

Haydn Wood: A brown bird singing

Weir: The Voice of Desire; Ox Mountain was covered with trees.

Tom Service introduces a concert live from LSO St Luke's, London.

Songs and their role in storytelling have supplied Weir with many creative ideas. Here she explores everything from timeless Chinese wisdom to Serbian, Scottish and Spanish folk poetry, and in The Voice of Desire the poems by Bridges, Keats and Hardy are conversations between humans and birds - where the birds seem more sophisticated than their human listeners.

As a contrast, Susan Bickley and Andrew Kennedy with Iain Burnside present British folksongs arranged by an earlier generation of song composers.

Weir: Songs from the Exotic

Arr. Grainger: Bold William Taylor; The Sprig of Thyme

Arr. G Butterworth: A Blacksmith courted me

Weir: On buying a horse

FG Scott: O wha my babie clouts will buy? The Eemis Stane; The Sauchs in the Reuch Heuch Hauch

Weir: Scotch Minstrelsy