Julian Simpson - Fugue State [Drama]


2015102920160226 (R4)A man in a fugue state holds the key to some strange events.

Drama from BBC Radio 4

20151029A man in a fugue state holds the key to some strange events.

Radio 4 drama

In the heart of the English countryside in a specialist residential hospital. A man, a government agent, is in a fugue state - a psychological shutdown - the result of something seemingly threatening that has taken place in a remote village.

Needing to act before the situation escalates and believing the patient can still hear, Doctor Fallon uses sound recordings to recreate events leading up to the point of shutdown, to prompt the patient's brain into remembering what has happened.

Julian Simpson's original drama was inspired by a series of talks and workshops at the Wellcome Trust, based around the latest thinking on how the human brain processes inputs - how it builds a model of the world, which we call reality, based on sensory information and our prediction of what we are expecting to see, hear or feel.

Scientific Advisor: Paul Fletcher

Director: Julian Simpson
Producer: Karen Rose
A Sweet Talk production for BBC Radio 4.