Just A Woman (omnibus)


05OMNI2019092820190929 (BBC7)

Omnibus of the fifth series about Amy - just your average transgender child in the modern world.

Now 18, Amy is ready to fly the nest and assert her independence, with new friends, a trip to Amsterdam and maybe some romance. It's exactly what many people look forward to as they reach adulthood. And then there's A level results when she gets back.

This accessible new drama is inspired by real life experiences.

Amy is packing for a trip to Amsterdam, with new best friend Rachel. Her family are trying very hard to stay calm, but not succeeding.

Amy....Tigger Blaize
Rachel....Rosa Hesmondhalgh
Gary....Don Gilet
Charlotte....Bettrys Jones
Ted....Michael Garner

Producer....Polly Thomas
Script consultant....Emily Joh Miller
Production co-ordinator....Lucy Duffield
Executive Producer....Joby Waldman
Writer....Mark Davies Markham
Piano played by Alfie Davies

A Reduced Listening production for BBC Radio 4 first broadcast in five parts in 2019.

The ups and downs of being a young transgender woman turning 18.