Genome: [r4 Bd=19900822]

Unknown: Eric Barker.

Unknown: Kenneth Connor

Unknown: Deryck Guyler

Unknown: Pearl Hackney

Unknown: Denise Bryer.

Music: Peter Akister

Producer: Charles Maxwell

Programme Catalogue - Details: 22 August 199019900822

Producer: E. TAYLOR

Previous in series: 09 February 1962


An edition of the popular series which ran from 1951 to 1962, featuring Eric BARKER. Also with Kenneth CONNOR, Deryck GUYLER, Pearl HACKNEY and Denise BRYER. Written by Eric BARKER, music directed by Peter AKISTER.

Subject Categories

light entertainment programmes (genre)

Broadcast history

22 Aug 1990 20:45-21:15 (RADIO 4)


Eric Barker (Author)

Peter Akister (Composer)

Deryck Guyler (ent)

Kenneth Connor (ent)

Denise Bryer (ent)

Pearl Hackney (ent)

Charles Maxwell (Producer)

Recorded on 1990-07-03.

BBC Programme Number: 90LD4603

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Programme Catalogue - Station

Radio 4