Just William - Doin' Good

Martin Jarvis reads five seasonal stories by Richmal Crompton, starring the heroically optimistic William Brown.


01William And The Chinese God20041227

One act of bravado involving a small statue leads to complications which test even William's ingenuity to the limit.

02William And The League Of Perfect Love20041228

A house guest of the Botts turns out to be an Honourable, with potentially disastrous consequences for the village cricket club and for William's brother.

03Fireworks Strictly Prohibited20041229

The Outlaws' habitual impecuniousness threatens a miserable fireworks night.

Can William come up with a plan?

04William The Psychiatrist20041230

William's lifetime ambition to be a diver is cast aside when he discovers something that seems easier to achieve.

05 LASTWilliam Joins The Waits20041231

William and the Outlaws discover that some intended Christmas presents are doomed to disappoint.

Can William come up with a seasonal idea to solve the problem?