Kat Orman



Kat brings you Oxfordshire's stories and Oxfordshire people.


Kat brings you Oxfordshire's stories and Oxfordshire people.

Can the practice of mindfulness meditation heal mental health problems, develop compassion, and increase well-being and happiness? Dr Miguel Farias talks about the science and beliefs behind meditation.

And Kat finds out about "Living With The Gods", a new series involving the British Museum that explores the role of shared beliefs in lives and communities through time and around the world.


Kat brings you Oxfordshire's stories and Oxfordshire people.

For Foodie Friday, Kat's joined by head-chef Thomas Curtis. As a child, he fell in love with cookery while watching his grandmother making scones, he joins us in the studio with his grandmother.

And, with Bledington Primary School opening their new outdoor classroom and gardens, Kat finds out what difference it will make to the pupils.


Kat brings you Oxfordshire's stories and Oxfordshire people.

Kat's joined by actor Ian Reddington, best known for roles in Eastenders and Corrie, who's performing in Son of a Preacher Man at Oxford's New Theatre.

Plus, twenty years since Harry Potter was released, you'll hear about new documentary which compares J K Rowling's characters with magic books in the British Library.


Kat brings you Oxfordshire's stories and Oxfordshire people.

Dr Sallie Burrough + Autumn Watch20171023

Kat's joined by Dr Sallie Burrough + finds out what's planned for the new Autumn Watch.

Kat's joined by Dr Sallie Burrough - a Quaternary Scientist, National Geographic Explorer...and new mum.

And, with the return of Autumn Watch, she finds out what the new series will bring to our screens.

Plus, she catches up with former Strictly contestant Deborah Meaden, as week five sees another celebrity leave the pack

Passive Smoking Pets20171030

Kat hears how pets suffer from passive smoking + the benefits of knitting.

Strictly + Wine Corks20171009

Kat talks Strictly with Robin Windsor + why corks make wine taste better.

Former "Strictly" professional dancer Robin Windsor gives his take on the contest so far

Plus, Oxford University professor Charles Spence explains why corks make wine taste better

And, Becky Cox talks about her personal experience of domestic violence and how that inspired her to fight for support for women worldwide.

The Great Storm Of 1987 + Cpr20171016

Kat remembers the great storm of 1987 + can you do CPR? Hear an amazing life saving story.

The great storm of 1987 - 30 years ago to the day, the South of England was battered by the storm Michael Fish told us not to worry about! Kat finds out how forecasting has improved since then.

And what would you do if you were at a family wedding, and as a church full of onlookers awaits the entrance of the bride…the maid of honour collapses on the floor. What would you do? Do you know CPR? Kat will be speaking to a man who helped save a life when this happened.