Katie Puckrik's Progressive [6 Music]



Art rock, baroque pop, freak folk, psychedelic soul. Whatever you call it, it's all progressive: music that's ahead of its time and out of this world. Over the years, progressive artists from King Crimson to Love to Curved Air to Kraftwerk to Funkadelic have collectively twisted our melons into one giant Salvador Dali melting clock. Progressive with Katie Puckrik places today's alt fave raves in the context of their musical forebears, including Yes, Suicide, and early Eno. Katie banishes musical snobbery and celebrates the unalloyed joy of outsider pop, matchmaking current indie selections with the sometimes intimidating, other times unfairly mocked art-sounds of yore. And Alison Goldfrapp joins Katie to reveal her dark prog rock past, as well as offering tips on interpretive dancing to King Crimson.