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Commons leader Andrea Leadsom has been asked to make an urgent statement about tackling sexual harassment amid a series of allegations of inappropriate behaviour by MPs. Theresa May has already called for tougher procedures to deal with MPs accused of harassment. And Scotland's health secretary has said she is very concerned by claims of sexual harassment at the Scottish Parliament.
Hollywood, Holyrood and Westminster - all caught up in sexual harassment claims - how much of a problem is sexual harassment in your world?

37 stone Steven McKell from Fife tells us why he decided take part in a TV documentary about the world's only plus size holiday resort.

Our new weekly Monday morning feature - radio presenter Jennie Cook is sick of her neighbours having a party on a school night. Is it her age or a rage? We're also joined by actress Jane McCarry.

After being subjected to years of abuse, Arlene from Moray tells us about what finally made her call time on her toxic marriage. Melanie Wood is Arlene's support worker at Moray Women Aid.

We speak to the unemployed man from Ayrshire who, after a series of rejection letters, managed to find work in just 20 minutes....all by employing a rather unusual tactic.

Matt Smith Professor of Health History from the University of Strathclyde has been analysing a selection of sweets currently on the market geared towards Halloween. He's warned about the levels of sugar and additives in the products. But is it possible to go sugar free for Halloween? Mum of 5 year old Harris, Hayley Matthews, is going to find out.

A cancer charity has appointed a digital nurse to combat "fake news" online, which they say leaves patients "scared and at risk of bogus cures". At the start of the month, the chair of the Royal College of GPs said that 'Dr Google entered 80% her consultations'.
Dr Google - help or hindrance? We ask a GP, a health journalist and a patient.

The Edinburgh based chef who says that foods such as snails and fish heads should be served at schools across Scotland - but could this really help to make the country a truly "good-food nation"?


Kaye Adams gets to the heart of the stories making the news.

The maximum stake for fixed-odds betting terminals could drop to as little as £2 under a government review.
Currently, people can bet up to £100 every 20 seconds on the gaming machines but proposals could limit that to between £2 and £50.
The 12-week consultation by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport aims to reduce large losses and will look at advertising.
Should there be more restrictions on gambling?

Does the name of your street matter when you're selling your house? Property expert Brian Gilmour will be clearing that up and answering all your property questions. If you're buying, selling or renting, give Brian a call on 08 08 5 92 95 00 or text 80295.

As its Halloween, you won't be surprised to hear there's a march of the mummies happening in Scotland today... but it's mummies with a difference. The campaign group 'Pregnant Then Screwed' are demanding recognition, respect and change for working mums.
Katie McKenzie is the Co-Organiser of Scottish section of March of the Mummies and Jillian Merchant is an Employment lawyer.

Anti-fraud wallets have hit the high street but do you really need them to stay safe when you're out and about? Kate Bevan is a Technology Writer and Consultant and Superintendent Scott Tees is from Police Scotland.

The young Ayrshire man whose heart defect made him want to be a cardiologist.
In April this year, Stuart Hutchison underwent lifesaving heart surgery to repair a defect and following the success of the operation, he decided to lead by example and become a cardiologist. Professor David Newby is a Professor of Cardiology with the British Heart Foundation.

Today Presenter John Humphrys thinks that Thought for The Day is often 'deeply, deeply boring'. Is there still a place for a religious TFTD in an increasingly secular society?

Louise and Dr Michael Mosley have one big thing in common....they both find November really miserable. So how can you get through one of the most 'challenging' months of the year?

Can You Name the Place?
Clue 1: The first clue to today's place-name is in the first line of Robert Burns' poem Halloween.
Clue 2: Witches' Knowe in the Borders refers to the opposite type of landscape feature.
Clue 3: Beware of The Devil's Elbow.
Clue 4: Two other local place-names contain a spooky colour.
Clue 5: Think of banshees, and you're nearly there.


Kaye Adams gets to the heart of the stories making the news.

Claims have been made about a "catalogue of abuse" at the Scottish parliament, in the wake of concerns about the behaviour of MPs at Westminster. John Swinney told parliament yesterday that the behaviour and conduct of men must change in light of the allegations.
The Deputy First Minister said that it's up to men to make these changes and to examine their own behaviour if we are to end the sexual harassment of women
Do you agree?

We speak to the champion power lifter from Glasgow's East End who was put into care as a child because his weight was getting out of control.

How did mum Hayley Matthews get on with the challenge of having a sugar free Halloween?

It is predicted the UK's coffee shop market being worth £15 billion by 2020 with over 30,000 premises - a projected rise of some 10,000 outlets in just three years. But according to one researcher, the UK might be reaching its coffee peak. Will Heeman owns Coffee Shop It All Started Here, Jennifer Ferreira is Senior Research Assistant at Coventry University and Halina Rifai is a music blogger who runs Podcart.

It's apparently the most miserable month of the year. Dr Michael Mosley tells us how to cope.

This week we're off to Dundee for our City Escape with Sunday Mail Columnist and Travel Writer Cat Harvey. Boo Paterson is a Dundee born artist.

The boy who makes a 320 mile round trip every week to play football. Marion Davidson is Matthew's mum and Martin MacPhee is his football Coach in Barra.

There has been a backlash on social media after 25 year old Cara Delevingne was unveiled as the face of an anti-ageing line. Can you ever turn back the clock on wrinkles?


Kaye Adams gets to the heart of the stories making the news.

Would you be happy to pay more tax to fund public services? The Scottish Government is looking at all options so who, if anyone should pay more and where should the money be spent?

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