Tim Marlow talks to keepers, curators and museum directors on site, surrounded by the objects in their care.



Dr Irving Finkel, assistant keeper of Western Asiatic Antiquities at the British Museum, whose collection includes 120,000 clay tablets with inscriptions from the Sumerian and Babylonian civilizations.


Dr Jonathan Betts, curator of horology at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, whose collection of a thousand clocks, watches and timepieces includes Harrison's famous clocks which helped to solve the problem of the measurement of longitude.


Christopher Zeuner, museum director, Weald and Downland Open Air Museum at Singleton near Chichester, who has 40 historic buildings in his care, including a medieval farmstead and a Victorian school.


Paul Cornish, curator of firearms at the Imperial War Museum, London, whose display includes 300 firearms, and who looks after the National Collection of 20th-century Military Firearms and the Edged Weapons Collection.

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Ken Arnold, head of exhibitions at the Wellcome Trust, whose work brings together medicine and artists as well as presenting exhibitions which take a cultural view of medical practice and history.