Free Willy19980907

Preparations for the return to Iceland of the killer whale who starred in the film `Free Willy' have provided scientists with revelatory new discoveries about the mammal and its vocalisations.

But, as Mark Carwardine finds out, many controversies continue to surround Keiko's real-life journey to freedom.

Home To Iceland19981030

In September, Keiko, star of the film `Free Willy', made headline news when he was transferred from an aquarium in Oregon to a sea pen in Iceland on the first stage of his journey back to the wild. Having reported on the preparations for the move earlier in the year, Mark Carwardine now reviews the events of September and Keiko's progress since his return to Iceland.

Waiting For Freedom19990621

Almost a year after the star of `Free Willy' arrived in Iceland, Mark Carwardine visits to find out when the Orca whale is going to be released.