The Keys Of The Kingdom


Genome: [r4 Bd=19940313]

Peter Kelly stars as Father Chisholm in the first of a four-part dramatisation of A J Cronin's epic story about a Catholic missionary. 1: A Strange Vocation. Even from his unfortunate childhood, Francis Chisholm is haunted by indefinable fears and plagued by problems of faith.

Music by Max Early

Dramatised and directed by David Spenser

A Saffron production

Genome: [r4 Bd=19940313]

Unknown: Peter Kelly

Unknown: Francis Chisholm

Music By: Max Early

Directed By: David Spenser

Francisa boy: James Beatty

Monsignor Sketh: Philip Sully

Mother/Rosa Oyazabal: Elizabeth Proud

Father/Scanty Magoon: Tom Cotcher

Aunt Polly: Jennifer Piercey

WMe TuUoch: Miles Anderson

Nora: Debra McCallan

Anselm: Jeremy Sinden


Thaddeas Gilfoyle: Spencer Banks

Mrs Oennk: Hilda Schroder

Daniel Gknnie: Malcolm Jamieson

Father MacNabb: David King

Father Fitzgerald: John Rye

Father Tarrant/Ned Bannon: Jo Dunlop

DrTulloch: Bill McCabe

Andrew: Andrew Cotcher