Matt Frei highlights a word from a foreign language which captures the essence of that country and its culture.


01The Spaghetti Incident1998013119981205

In the first programme, `The Spaghetti Incident', he examines the Italian word `tangente', which has come to signify the bribery that oils the wheels of Italian life.

01The Spaghetti Incident.1998120519981216

2: `Angst'.

02Mr Kim's Tantrum19980207

The second programme, `Mr Kim's Tantrum', is set in the South Korean capital, Seoul. It examines the word `Han', meaning the mixture of sorrow, anger and resentment which is a product of Korea's brutal history.

03Losing Face1998121919981230

3: `Losing Face'. For the Chinese, feeling embarrassed is a gravely serious business.

03The Fear Of Freedom19980214

The third programme, `The Fear of Freedom', looks at the word `angst', signifying the all-encompassing fear or debilitating insecurity suffered by many Germans.

04 LASTLosing Face19980221

In the final programme of the series, Matt Frei discovers that, for the Chinese, `losing face' is a serious business.