Kind Hearts And Coronets [harry Enfield]


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Louis Mazzini is accused of the one murder he didn't do.

Ealing comedy adaptation.

Ealing comedy adaptation with Harry Enfield as the D'Ascoyne family.

A comedy of murders.

Louis Mazzini wreaks revenge on the D'Ascoyne family, but is then arrested for a murder he didn't commit.

Kind Hearts and Coronets by Roy Horniman

(1949 screenplay by Robert Hamer and John Dighton)

Produced by: BBC Radio Collection



Adapted by: Gilbert Travis Thomas

Directed by: Andy Jordan


Michael Kitchen...

Louis Chalfont Mazzini


Lindsay Baxter

Harry Enfield...

The D'Ascoyne Family

Louis Mazzini is caught for the one murder he didn't do.

Harry Enfield is the entire D'Ascoyne family.