A Kind Of Fallen Angel

Humphrey Carpenter presents five talks based on his new biography of playwright Dennis Potter.


01Painting The Clouds With Sunshine19980921

`People endure what they endure and they deal with it: it's important, but not that important, because still you're left with your basic human strivings and dignity and talent' (Dennis Potter).

02One Of The Plagues Of Egypt19980922

`Psoriasis runs in families; at its worst it's a life-threatening condition that causes the skin to break out like a volcano...'.

03We Wept When We Remembered Zion19980923

`A lot of the time he was in London he was just sitting in his hotel room writing; and his best plays convey that rather lonely and faintly mysterious side of Dennis Potter'.

04Washed Clean19980924

`When I came out of hospital I thought the whole world was washed-clean, new, shining...' (`Pennies from Heaven').

05 LASTThe Ending Is Sooner Than I Thought19980925

The night he was given the diagnosis, he rang his daughter: `Isn't it wonderful? I shan't have to put up with another family Christmas!'.